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Covi Education is a nonprofit educational design studio and recreational learning company.

We believe that lifelong learning and accessible scientific evidence are key to an informed and healthy society. Our team creates digital platforms, multimedia, educational events, and shareable tookits that make it easy for students and adults to explore the things that matter most.

Whether we’re using art to teach about human biases, storytelling to engage students with science, or experiments to immerse educators in research skills, we believe in eliminating the line between learning and experiencing.

We won’t stop until we’ve created a culture of curiosity, access, and reflection, one brain at a time.

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Research & Evaluation

We are an evidence-driven organization. Our projects are driven by research to ensure we conduct responsible, cutting-edge, and impactful work.

Starting with what we know.

We believe in starting at the edge of what’s been done. We evaluate past initiatives and efforts to determine what true progress might look like. We study their approaches, synthesize relevant research from across fields, and construct evidence-based frameworks to guide our project strategies.

The power of iteration.

Change is a work in progress. At every milestone, we assess our impact through surveys, focus groups, external review, and/or experiemental design. We match each project to the assessment strategy that is most aligned with its goals and work to accessibly report our findings in academic and public forums.

Equity & Empowerment

We center the voices of members of marginalized communities across our programs and take proactive steps towards an inclusive and historically-aware society.

Why we care.

It’s no secret that STEM fields lack diversity. This may be due, in part, to the stereotypes of science and scientists in our society. Pop culture makes matters worse by representing scientists as antisocial, single-minded, and one-dimensional, while showing only a small slice of what scientific research can be. Collectively, this creates a picture in kids’ minds of what it does and does not mean to be a scientist; a picture that currently leaves out the majority of our country’s youth.There is no silver bullet to address this issue, but it’s time to change that picture.

What we do.

An equitable and enriched future demands diverse STEM leaders. We work with a committee of diversity advocates, outreach specialists, educators, and scientists. We craft multimedia toolkits and strategies to engage and empower students of all backgrounds and interests. Diversity is more than skin deep, so we focus our efforts on breaking the box of what it means to be “smart enough”, rather than simply expanding the parameters.

accessible evidence

Practical STEM engagement opportunities are critical to an informed citizenship. We need infrastructure that improves the relationship between science and the public.

Why we care.

Everyday issues are increasingly shaped by evidence. We vote on scientific funding, we make health decisions based on research, our schools are increasingly data-driven, and our prosocial behaviors depend on a critical understanding of our world. And sometimes, we’re just curious. Scientists do this work for the rest of us, but without access to their findings, the onus of responsibility cannot be on the public to draw the responsible conclusions that are increasingly crucial to our wellbeing and an informed society.

What we do.

Science is, foremost, a service to society, but there’s a communication breakdown. Addressing it means working with scientists, the public, and the spaces in between. We train scientists on effective public communication skills and connect researchers to outreach opportunities. We also build platforms to promote public access to evidence, and develop creative and practical STEM engagement opportunities.

study hall science lounge

Study Hall is redefining informal and adult education. It’s a gallery space, micro-museum, and gastropub where lifelong learning meets the real world.

Why we care.

Staying informed on the evidence-driven issues that are most relevant to us can be challenging - we often lack either the infrastructure or motivation to make it work. Museums, books, and websites do a great job of providing content, but it’s often impractical, disconnected from others, or nested in a stale environment. We live in a society where change happens rapidly, so we need to find a way to truly integrate lifelong learning into our lives.

What we do.

On the weekends, Study Hall is a lounge where grown ups can stay informed about real world issues while enjoying music, food, and drinks with their friends. During the week, it’s a place for interactive trainings, classroom field trips, and experimental learning labs to test new educational technolology. Study Hall will house a free, rotating art and science exhibition focused on practical education (e.g. human bias; AI; nutrition) that’s open to the public. In addition, it will host special events like trivia nights, debates, and documentary screenings that aim to turn the things you already love into a learning experience.

We’re developing the plans for the first Study Hall to open in San Francisco in late 2017, with the goal of opening additional locations in the near future.

Information Literacy

We’ve hit information overload. As access to information increases, we have to find ways to make sure our ability to detect quality keeps up.

Why we care.

When the majority of adults were in school, “information literacy” referred to library skills. That’s where we accessed most of our information, so that’s the landscape we learned to navigate. Now, information is everywhere, but our skills have yet to evolve with the technological progress. This results in major deficits in public understanding of practical scientific issues, self sciences, and contemporary critical thinking strategies suited to the unique challenges of the 21st century.

What we do.

Good content just isn’t enough. We have to provide tools for people to evaluate information repsonsibly. We believe this includes: scientific literacy, digitial literacy, media literacy, and psychological literacy. We develop workshops and other immersive training experiences to coach communities on the nature of different types of information, the biases inherent in evidence as it flows through societal and media systems, and the heuristics we can use to become more responsible citizens of the Information Age.

Self & Bias Education

The biggest threat to a healthy, equitable democracy is not human bias. It’s humans believing that they aren't biased.

Why we care.

There is a serious lack of formal education on what we call the “self sciences”: psychology, anthropology, neuroscience, and other human-related fields. For many, no such course options exist until college, leaving us to fend for ourselves as we try to navigate our own minds and those of others. Despite knowing more about human nature than ever before, we fail to adequately teach children or adults the particularities of their own minds or the minds of others. We also fail to teach the impact that our biases - often undetected by us - can have on the information, attitudes, policies, decisions, and interactions that shape our daily lives.

What we do.

We work to provide immersive, curated experiences to share self education, and promote strategies for normalizing, recognizing and overcoming human bias in every day life. We believe in creating a culture that embraces human error, self awareness, and informed reflection so that we can forge practical solutions to minimize the impact that our biases have on the wellbeing of ourselves and others.

Mission and Team

Covi Education is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit that aims to cultivate and support an informed, reflective, and empowered citizenship through practial lifelong learning.


From interactive exhibitions to cultural campaigns to trivia games, we create immersive experiences for people to satiate their curiosities and engage in practical lifelong learning. We leverage the power of mulitple tools and ways of knowing (e.g. arts, technology, experiment), so that people of all backgrounds and interests can engage with evidence without barriers.


Responsible and effective content is key. We collaborate with experts across fields to develop clever and impactful lesson plans, media, workshops, books, and educational products designed to enrich classrooms, board rooms, and every day life.


Getting started is half the battle. The other half is finding the systems that can turn inspiration into lasting growth. We design educational technology and digital platforms that disrupt the modern dissemination cycle to serve the practical needs of the public.

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